In case of suboptimal results with the lap band, sometimes a revision surgery is required. When switching from a lap band, most people prefer to convert it to gastric sleeve, which is arguably the most popular of current options in weight-loss surgery.

Gastric banding is relatively easy to revise because there is no permanent alteration of the alimentary canal and once the band is removed, the stomach is back in its original shape. On that, now a simple gastric sleeve can be performed.

Lap band revision to gastric sleeve


Cost of Revision Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is an expensive bet, and we can imagine the severe dent it makes in your finances when you have to get it the second time over.

By opting for gastric band revision to gastric sleeve by Dr. Francisco Gonzalez in Tijuana, you can expect to save 50-70 percent of the cost you would pay in an American or Canadian Hospital. The exact cost of revision surgery can be determined only after your case has been thoroughly assessed by the doctor.

What to Expect?

Surgery Duration Hospital Stay Return to work Diet after Surgery
1.5 hours 1-2 nights 7-10 days Liquids and soft foods gradually incremented to
solid food over a month

About the doctor

  • Dr. Francisco has over 18 years of experience in surgery
  • He holds the distinction of being one of the first weight loss surgeons to receive lap band certification from INAMED, the only producer of FDA-approved lap bands.
  • He underwent training in advanced bariatric surgery in Alcoy, Spain.
  • He has performed over 2500 lap band and gastric sleeve procedures and has a long list of satisfied clients
  • The surgeries are performed at a neat, well-equipped hospital, which is located only a few blocks from the US-Mexico border

Expected Weight-loss

The loss of weight after any bariatric surgery is very subjective and it varies from person to person. Most people however, lose a major portion of their excess body weight within the first 3-6 months after the surgery.

All bariatric surgery seekers are advised to have a high-protein, low calorie, low fat diet to optimize their weight loss. Eating in small portions and maintaining an active lifestyle is also important to quickly see the results you desire.


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