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Gastric Sleeve Compared with Lap Band – Mexico WLS Surgeon

Watch this video in which a leading weight loss surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico – Dr. Francisco Gonzalez – compares sleeve gastrectomy with gastric banding.   Video Transcription “The difference between the lap band and the gastric sleeve is a lot. In a gastric band surgery we place a ring around the stomach, we don’t need to […]

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Why choose Vertical Sleeve over Gastric Band – Mexico WLS Surgeon

Video interview of Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, a renowned weight loss surgeon in Tijuana discussing the difference between gastric sleeve and lap band surgery.   Video Transcription “Now the gastric band is becoming so unpopular because the problem that we are finding right now with the band is that it starts to erode that means the […]

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Weight Loss Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico – Dr. Francisco Gonzalez

Watch this video to know Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, a board certified Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Video Transcription “Well, I am Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, I am a general surgeon, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon since 1996. I am general surgeon since 1990, I went to medical school in Guadalajara, Universidad el Guadalajara and I did my […]

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Who qualifies for Batriatric Surgery – Mexico Weight Loss Surgeon

Watch one of the leading WLS Surgeons of Tijuana, Mexico – Dr. Francisco Gonzales explain to his patients who an ideal candidate for Bariatric Surgery is. Understand the concept of BMI and risks associated with obesity. Video Transcription “Who is a good candidate for bariatric surgery? The patient who has a body mass index more […]

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Gastric Sleeve Staples & Sutures – Weight Loss Surgeon – Mexico

Watch the video interview of Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, a leading surgeon for sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico, discussing staples and sutures. Video Transcription  “There are two ways to do the gastric sleeve, one, only the stapling and stapling and then sewing all the stapled line. Statistically there is no difference between suture and only the […]

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Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass – Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Watch Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, a renowned bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico with experience of over 4,000 weight loss surgeries discuss the difference between gastric sleeve and Roux-en-Y bypass surgery. Video Transcription “The difference between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass as I told you before, the gastric sleeve is cutting vertically the stomach and that’s it. […]

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