Video interview of Dr. Francisco Gonzalez, a renowned weight loss surgeon in Tijuana discussing the difference between gastric sleeve and lap band surgery.


Video Transcription

Now the gastric band is becoming so unpopular because the problem that we are finding right now with the band is that it starts to erode that means the band migrates into the stomach and causes an infection and it sometimes can be very, very dangerous.

“The patient has to come very often to do the adjustment as well and if they don’t take care of the band, the upper portion of the stomach starts to grow and have a lot of acid reflux and a lot of things with the pouch. So they start by taking out the band migrate to gastric sleeve.

“Gastric sleeve is a better choice for the patients because they don’t have to come here for adjustment, they don’t have to come here to see if the band has eroded, there is no problem like that with gastric sleeve so the gastric sleeve is becoming more popular than the lap band right now.

Dr. Gonzalez, who has performed more than 4,000 bariatric procedures in Mexico mentions how gastric sleeve surgery scores over gastric banding. Gastric sleeve in Tijuana by Dr. Gonzalez will help you save immensely over US prices.

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