Overweight but not overweight enough to qualify for medical insurance? Or just terribly obese and worried about the joints that are beginning to hurt? If you are freaking out over all the medical problems you could develop as a result of obesity, bariatric surgery could just help you breathe easier.


Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana - Mexico


And going to Mexico for your weight-loss surgery can save you thousands of dollars. But don’t just get tempted by the low prices you see, do your research and know the details of what you are getting into. Listed below are the 5 things you should check before heading to Tijuana for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or any other weight-loss surgery.

5 Things to know for your Bariatric Trip to Mexico

  1. The Hospital – Find out all you can about the hospital – does it have any credible certificates/accreditations? How well are the operation theaters equipped? What other facilities do they have for patients?
  2. The Doctor – It is important to know your surgeon beforehand so you are not uncomfortable asking him any questions. Check his educational certificates, experience, and the number of surgeries he has performed. Also, you must find out if he is comfortable conversing in the language you know.
  3. Options for your stay – Check the patient rooms in the hospital and figure out if they are to your liking. Also, you might be spending a couple of days in Mexico outside the hospital so look for a hotel adjacent to the hospital and see if it fits your budget and is convenient enough.
  4. Getting there – While getting cheap flights to the nearest airport is usually on the minds of medical travelers, they must also have arrangements for ground transportation to get to the hotel/hospital from the airport. Spanish is the commonly spoken language in Mexico, and you wouldn’t want to end up with a driver who doesn’t understand English. Also, make sure you have all the paperwork sorted for inter-country travel in advance.
  5. Previous patients and their experiences – There is no better person to ask for advice than the one who has been in your situation before. Either you can look up online or ask the hospital to connect you to some patients to ask their experience or maybe cajole your personal references for people who have done that before.

Having bariatric surgery is going to have risks just like any other surgery. Even if you have your surgery in the US or Canada, there is a risk of developing complications as it is in Mexico. The risk can be minimized by choosing the right surgeon and the right place for your surgery, asking the right questions, and religiously following the post-op directions given by your doctor.


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