34-year-old Jamie Aguilera from Phoenix, Arizona discusses his experience the day after he got gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.


Video Transcription:

“It’s my first day post-op. I feel great. I’m not in pain. The doctors here are really nice, Dr. Curiel is really nice. Clinica San Juan is a very nice facility. I recommend it.

“This is a very good experience from day 1 to today…I expected it to be just like that.

“Those of you who are considering doing it, I will recommend maybe coming down here and having Dr. Curiel perform the surgery.

“The surgery staff here is very nice. The nursing staff is very nice as well.

“Well, after surgery I walked. I started with liquid and I started walking right in morning just to relieve the gas but they inform you everything step by step what was going to happen and sure enough it all happened and with their guidance I woke up with no pain…No pain at all.

“Tomorrow only I have my swallow test and after that hopefully I can get discharged and move on and start a new life. But I would recommend Dr. Curiel and Clinica San Juan.”

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