Watch Jazmina talk about her experience having the weight loss surgery by Dr. Francisco Gonzalez in Tijuana, Mexico. In her review, Jazmina says that she could not have been able to afford the procedure back home in the United States.


Video Transcription:

On her decision to choose lap band:

A friend told me about it. Was looking around different options. When I find out everything, all details, I decided this one is right not only for me but for everybody now that I have the experience.” “[sic]

On the cost advantage:

First of all was the price. You know in the United States the price is very high. So to be honest I cannot afford it. So here in Mexico and Tijuana was very good price for me and also I find out that Dr. Gonzalez have the enough experience doing this. So I decide he is the right person for me to do it.” “[sic]

On why traveling to Tijuana did not bother her:

It’s two hours driving but you know when you have a decision you don’t care. And for me it’s easier to drive two hours than to be on diet. So it’s easier driving two hours than being on diet believe me.” “[sic]

On life after lap band surgery:

Now when I have lunch or whenever I have something to eat you know I really enjoy it. Sometimes I think the way I used to eat before I saw my goodness, I was eating like an animal. You know like somebody is paying me to eat. So now I eat normal. I eat whatever I want to eat but in small quantity so I enjoy my food. I don’t feel like – oh! I cannot eat this or this. I eat whatever I want. But in small quantity!

What can I say because at the beginning you know it is like kind of hard because it’s new for you. So at the beginning I remember I told Dr. Gonzalez, “Dr. Gonzalez I am going to get sick because I am not eating.” Because you know I won’t diet. A big plate, now eating a small plate. I am going to die because I am not eating good.

He says, “No! You are going to be OK.” But that’s ok because I didn’t suffer. Because I was feeling that I was ok, I was full. I don’t need more food. So doesn’t matter how small portion I eat, my mind say it was enough, full. You’re happy. At the end it is super. “[sic]

Jazmina’s lap band surgery was performed by one of the leading weight loss surgeons in TijuanaDr. Francisco Gonzalez. Dr. Gonzalez holds the distinction of being one of the first bariatric surgeons to receive Allergen certification in lap band system.

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