Rick Gauna’s sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana reviewed by  his wife.

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Review

Rick Gauna-Gastric Sleeve surgery 9/23/14

Attn: Medical Mexico Tourism

Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience. Your staff have exceeded our expectations in customer service. Starting with Regene who helped us get everything setup. She was wonderful in getting everything setup to our schedule. She provided us with so much information that we were very well informed and really had very few questions on the day of the surgery.

Ricardo, our driver to and from the hospital was very friendly and informative also.

All the doctors, nurses, staff, even housekeeping were so friendly, kind and patient that we were pleasantly surprised. We were also pleasantly surprised that almost everyone spoke fluent English! Doctors were so friendly and never seemed to be in a rush. And the hospital! Wow, so nice! So so so glad we decided to get procedure done at Florence Hospital. To think we almost went with Jerusalem which we late found out would’ve been a nightmare.

Lastly, Veronica. We can’t say enough about her! She also has gone above and beyond for us! Making sure our every needs were met, always coming by and checking on us, seeing if we wanted or needed anything. She even ran me around to buy stuff we needed. Who does that!!!

Well, I can’t thank you enough Medical Tourism Corporation, Regene, Dr. Camelo, Dr. Reyna, Ricardo, all the staff at Hospital Florence and Veronica! God Bless you all!!”

Gastric sleeve in the Mexican border town is affordably priced. The level of care given in our network hospitals is comparable to that in the United States.

Here is another review in which an Arizonian is talking about gastric sleeve in Tijuana post-op day 2.

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