In the video below, Jamie Aguilera from Phoenix, Arizona, is having a conversation with his bariatric surgeon in Tijuana regarding his health status on day 2 after gastric sleeve surgery.

Doc: Okay, we are in the second day of the surgery. Yesterday, you start with liquids and this day you walk all day and you drank more liquids.

Jamie: I walked all day, I drank more liquids, and I feel great. I don’t have any pain so… feel great. It’s very nice like I said in my last video I recommend it. Its life changing but it’s worth it. So I recommend it and I’ll be posting more videos and speak to you as well.

Doc: So we have the drain. Today we want to remove the drain after the swallow test and after this we have to keep you moving and you can go to few labs. Tomorrow you can go. How was your experience?

Jamie: It was a good experience form the flight in, the drivers…all of it. The stay here, the nurses were good. I had a very pleasant stay.

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