Watch Janet’s testimonial on weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Janet’s weight loss surgery was performed by a top bariatric surgeon in Tijuana – Dr. Francisco Gonzalez.


Video Transcription: 

Why She Chose Obesity Surgery?
“Well, I decided on the lap band because I didn’t want to get the radical, you know, gastric bypass because I thought it was more dangerous for me. And I already had a couple of references regarding lap band. So I thought it was the best route for me personally. And I thought that I needed to get it done. Physically healthy.”

On Dr. Francisco
“I had got three great recommendations from him from prior clients. And when I came down to meet him personally before I got the operations done or the operation I fell safe and comfortable. And the prior experiences that they had were good so he made me feel comfortable enough to go with him also.”

Her experience with her bariatric surgeon
“Oh he’s got wonderful bedside manners. He used to guide me the whole way. Never left my side. He came and saw me when he gave me  the surgery. Although he actually did the operation and before the operation he walked through it first before he did it and then full stop. He came and visited me, made sure I was OK and woke up and I was fine. He was great at that.”

On traveling to Tijuana
“Oh, it is completely worth it! It is about a four and a half, five hour drive but it is worth it for me. I don’t mind when I have had to get my all adjustments done even for the operation and everything. I know it was for a great reason so I don’t mind that at all.”

Her experience with the hospital staff
“I haven’t had a problem with any of the staff. They’ve all been nice and courteous, and actually very efficient and very personable. And definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to their work. So they’ve been naturally very efficient.”

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