Two cousins from Indiana, United States review gastric sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico. While Rowena found the nurses to be great, Yvonne didn’t mind sharing her “birthday on a surgery table.”


Video Transcription

Yyonne – Hi! My name is Yvonne and this is my cousin Rowena.

Rowena – I am Rowenna Smith and I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana. And we decided to come down to Mexico to get the gastric sleeve together and I believe I had a wonderful time. And the nurses were great, especially Teresa, and she was one of my favorite nurses. The hospital was clean and everything was just wonderful right here and the people. Everybody!

Yvonne – Just a friendly, friendly experience. And it was so friendly. I don’t regret sharing my birthday on a surgery table. It was such a wonderful experience. This is a gift that I have always cherished and I will always remember.

My case referrer Veronica was outstanding. The doctors were friendly. The various nurses – Teresa, we had Eva. And they were just very knowledgable. And we enjoyed the esxperience. I am looking forward to this new upcoming life of mine.

Rowena – Yes, I would agree!

The cousins had their gastric sleeve surgery by one of the leading bariatric surgeons of Mexico – Dr. Francisco Gonzalez. A veteran of over 2,500 bariatric procedures, Dr. Francisco is a board-certified obesity reduction specialist.

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